A new generation has grown up with ‘Fresh Off the Boat’

Written by Staff Writer at CNN

Less than a year after the original cast and crew of ” Diff’rent Strokes ” reunited for a Hulu remake of the sitcom, ABC has dropped a 30-second sneak peek of its new “Facts of Life” revival.

The network airs a pre-recorded show every Wednesday, which recaps recent episodes of popular TV shows with the help of professional actors and actors who don’t have to worry about lines, script corrections or flights home.

Just like “Facts of Life” and ” Diff’rent Strokes ,” “Fresh Off the Boat,” “Young & Hungry” and “Modern Family” (to name a few) have all led new episodes with “FOTB” and “FOTB: Fresh Off the Boat.”

“FOTB: Fresh Off the Boat” aired in October and December and on Thursday night November 15 at 9 p.m. Eastern, ABC aired a special shortened version of “FOTB” that included past-and-present castmembers and production team that reprised their roles.

The short “freshies” ran on the network’s national afternoon newscast, “World News,” and also included two updated previews of the new series:

Two of the stars of the original “Facts of Life”

“A new generation has grown up with ‘Fresh Off the Boat.'”

“FOTB: Fresh Off the Boat” premieres in early 2019.

On a related note, actor Charlie Harper, who played Brandon Walsh’s stepfather on “Clueless,” has died.

Glen Keane, who’s played television’s Fred Flintstone, died earlier this year.

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