A Recent Female Doctor Earns Just 18% More Than a Male Doctor

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According to a recent study, a recent female doctor earns just 18% more than a male doctor, which amounts to a difference of more than $2 million in their lifetime compensation.

FOX’s Ashley Papa reports in the “Housecall for Health”:

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Researchers analyzed data from an academic survey. They found that working as a female doctor in the U.S. makes you $2 million less than a male doctor. The disparity between the mean earnings by female and male doctors stood out when researchers looked at the top two salary brackets, $250,000 and $500,000, as well as taking into account the differences in education levels, seniority, hours worked and illness.

Studies have previously shown that less qualified female doctors get paid less than their male peers with higher levels of education.

Dr. Rushabh Doshi from UCLA’s School of Medicine tells FOX the gender pay gap is more pronounced than it used to be, but with the inclusion of women in leadership roles, it’s not all bad news.

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