Andy Murray claims he is ‘very lucky’ to have avoided mumps

• Australian Open champion is using it after a virus sidelined him in 2013 • Murray: ‘I’m glad I came back on time. I still felt 100%’

Andy Murray says he was “very lucky” not to pick up the dreaded mumps as an infant. The Australian Open champion and four-time Wimbledon winner says he took a vaccine to protect against the potentially fatal illness, which has struck other players at the tournament.

As part of a YouTube documentary due to be released on Wednesday, Murray talks about the “traumatic” time when he was struck down by the virus in 2013.

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He was suspended from the final of that year’s Wimbledon warm-up tournament, the Fever-Tree Championships at Queen’s, in his quest to defend his title there.

Murray, who was warned about the the mumps after noticing his breathing and the movements of his fingers and toes becoming weaker last year, was hit with the illness during last year’s Davis Cup quarter-final, where he was among five Great Britain players to be diagnosed.

“I mean, it was difficult, but yeah, I was very lucky to come back on time,” Murray said. “I don’t feel like I’ve ever felt better when I got home. I was fine. I still felt 100% but just felt so exhausted. It was obviously extremely frustrating.”

On the “very rare” case when it strikes adults, he added: “Like, my mum, she’s almost been on oxygen after a few days, and that was how long we got with her when she was younger. I don’t remember that. So I’m glad I came back on time.”

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