Baby abandoned in D.C. subway tunnel for nearly a week finally found

A Washington couple found an abandoned infant abandoned in a subway tunnel this week, a family that plans to raise the boy as one of their own.

“It’s our turn to do something great for someone,” said Nichole Ringen, 36, of Jazzy’s House, a D.C. shelter for homeless kids.

The couple, who refused to be identified, found the infant in the N Street tunnel, leaving her in poor condition but otherwise healthy. The parents, a couple in their 40s, are considering naming him Carter, after a neighbor.

“If this baby stays with us, this is what we’re going to call him: Carter,” Ringen said. “He has a family. This child has a home, and there’s good in this world.”

The parents say they were driving along Northern Virginia to drop off their kids at school Tuesday morning when they noticed an abandoned child and stopped to investigate. They saw a bag of blood and discovered a newborn in the dark tunnel beneath the busy N Street station.

“You look in the bags and they’re empty, so you open the bags,” the mother told CBS News. “I just felt like maybe someone abandoned him, or maybe someone had a miscarriage.”

They called police and paramedics, who took the baby to Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport for further medical care.

Ringen said Friday that the family may be separated by a relationship — she is white and married, the father is a divorced black man — but the baby could eventually be adopted by a black family.

“That’s part of the goal: to get a black family for this little guy,” she said.

Ringen, a former reporter at The Washington Post and currently a government contractor, runs a website that advertises jobs for homeless kids.

“We’re seeing a lot of people leave young kids behind and go out on their own,” she said. “We like the idea of keeping these kids within the family, and we feel like our community might be the best fit.”

Washington, D.C., transportation spokeswoman Elizabeth Flagler said Metro has protocol for locating parents whose children have been found. Transit officers are instructed to call 911 immediately to report an abandoned child to keep the child safe and the parents from trying to recover their child.

She said transportation police have found multiple abandoned children this week.

“We have a team that’s trained to respond to abandoned children, whether it’s in a light rail tunnel or a tunnel off the train, and we have to use extenuating circumstances,” she said. “If they’re clearly within the car, we’ll always help an adult find their way to safety.”

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