Caught on video: Diamond mystery ended by afternoon trek

Written by Staff Writer

© James Heveran

Geoff Russell and his team found the diamonds. The question is: Did he keep them?

Russell is a British lorry driver who was hiking on Mont Blanc in January. His preparations were straightforward: He planned a long ascent to a ridge known as the Post Bernstein ridge; he planned to bring maps, food and sleeping bags. Then, he took an end-of-the-day detour to pick up a rope rope, which he believed was visible above him.

But after his strenuous climb up the ridge, he decided to keep the rope for himself — instead of throwing it out on the last pulldown. “I got a little bit more into it then,” he recalled. “It started to look like one of the big columns.”

But Russell decided he should return it to the experts. “I said to my companion ‘I think I’ve found something,’” he said.

When he tried to contact the experts who would inspect the gems, he said, they didn’t actually respond to his request to consult.

However, a good Samaritan saw his distress, Russell said. “They said ‘Oh, you’ve got some diamonds on you. Please go and get them.’”

“I said, ‘That’s my rope.’ The two guys said ‘No, no, let’s go and take them back to our boss, and we’ll call him back,’” he said.

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