Does silver iodide in flu vaccines reduce the risk of COVID?

Nasal immunisation aims to get children protected before birth. Only about 15% of children in the UK have received this.

In the UK, only 15% of children have received nametag®, a nasal immunisation, which aims to protect against 11 of the approximately 5,000 COVID proteins identified in the Childhood Asthma Australia database.

New analysis of worldwide literature suggests that standardised nasal influenza vaccines containing silver iodide may be more effective in reducing one’s risk of developing COVID than other vaccines.

The study authors say that although the silver iodide-containing vaccines for seasonal flu are available in many countries around the world, it is unknown whether or not such a vaccine will protect against COVID in children.

“In general, common childhood vaccines are not known to protect against COVID,” says Associate Professor Ioannis Peridakis, one of the authors of the study, recently published in Toxicology, Epidemiology & Biomarkers.

The study showed no signs of COVID gene mutations in a child’s mother’s placenta post-birth, so the researchers believe that this had a much greater effect on reducing one’s risk of developing a COVID than prior studies, indicating that the silver iodide was enhancing the body’s immune response.

“Much further investigation is needed, in order to determine whether and to what extent, this approach to COVID protection, in combination with other flu vaccines, are effective,” Peridakis says.

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