Exclusive first interview with John Whitehouse

A dreamcome true: director John Whitehouse, who has spent a decade and two budgets making CNN’s John Whitehouse Film Festival, which celebrates stories behind the bigger global questions about immigration, food, food politics, transport, sustainability, poverty, the homeless, healthcare, education, social justice, empowerment, environment and sport.

His films have challenged some of the most powerful relationships in our society, and have won a string of international awards. An all-star roster of advocates, notables and lovers of great film and storytelling will be in attendance to reward the best short films.

Tickets available here.

To read a transcript of the panel discussion after this event visit kcexec.info.

Asking personal questions is the best way of understanding the complexity of life around us. I’ve learned the value of being curious and asking questions. I’ve discovered the power of self-reflection, of self-awareness, of respect and the power of love. I’ve found the spiritual significance of some of the most meaningful journeys of my life – and some of the most enriching adventures of my life – were the moments of admitting that I’d have liked to do more, but hadn’t been given the space, the time, the effort.

Most of all, I’ve learned the value of art. While many people value art, it’s not something many people ever understand. But it is in art that we can discover truths, find artistic patterns and images that bring to life and resonate with our own experiences. It is in art that we get to see our own self-doubt mirrored.

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