Greenville, South Carolina, rocks the most striking time-lapse video you’ve ever seen

By a country mile, this must be the wildest image I have ever taken or seen with my camera. Eric Adams, my longtime partner, returned from an amazing week in Ghana.

Eric is back from a six-day trip to Ghana with the city of Greenville, South Carolina. While here, we traveled together from Accra to Maputo in Mozambique, from Maputo to Kotoka in Ghana, all for the purpose of helping those most in need in the community.

It all started during a trip to Ghana in January, where Eric saw a UNICEF program to help reintroduce African goats into communities. This project is currently undergoing a study in Greenville as it is being founded by the University of Virginia in collaboration with the Social Development Institute (SDI) and led by Dr. Angela Haas.

With the help of this project, a goat would be given to a community to study the feeding habits of that community, and even record the health of the goat. Eric was inspired and has since built a list of projects that he would like to help with.

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