How to Shape Employees’ Knowledge to Lead the Right Way

How to Shape Employees’ Knowledge to Lead the Right Way

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There’s a very important difference between “I’ll be back for the holidays” and “I’ll be back for the New Year.”

This is one of the most valuable and overlooked lessons of business, something that we know very little about. In addition to providing your employees with a solid foundation of performance management, it is also incredibly valuable in shaping what they know about how to properly lead others.

This lesson can be applied to many facets of the workplace, both in how you conduct your HR functions and how you shape employees’ knowledge to be both relevant and credible in your culture.

In many cases employees are aware of how to perform their leadership tasks with more skill than they do, but this does not mean that they have all the right knowledge (and there’s a good chance that they don’t). In fact, when you look at the quality of your leader’s knowledge, you are seeing the effects of many of their mistakes.

So, how are employees supposed to learn to lead the right way if they don’t have the proper knowledge? Here are a few tips:

1. Have them attend courses and workshops

There is more and more data available on how top performers are taught in both the classroom and at their workplace. This includes coursework on leadership skills, and the most common method is teaching it at work where they are already on task.

A recent study looking into the results of leadership and management course at Workplace Studies, a company that provides a variety of courses on leadership and management to organizations, found that the top performers on the course took in 20% more than the average employees during the first three months.

2. Know what they don’t know.

According to a 2007 study done by Leadership Development Institute, 70% of employees interviewed were aware of the leadership style that they should use. Yet, only 30% knew how to do so.

In the study, it was also determined that the difference between average employees and top performers was

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