I Don’t Want Your Money

I Don't Want Your Money

Anne Heche didn’t repay a loan before she died. Now an ex wants her estate to pay up. How much does it cost to live? Or not…

He was there all summer to work on the book, to talk to his publishers, and to get her an advance. She wouldn’t talk about it. She’d tell me, “I’ve got a few hundred thousand dollars coming.” And I’d try to get her to tell me how much money she had coming. “No, don’t bother, I’ll find out. I have a few hundred thousand dollars.” Then she’d say, “No, you won’t find out. You’ll have a heart attack and die trying to find out.” Now, I would have to find out.

She’d never told him how much money she had coming. He believed it was $50,000. He told me later, “I figured, how much can she borrow when she can’t repay?” He figured she could borrow $150,000, so that would make it $150,000 and leave $50,000 in the bank. He was sure her checkbook was open, waiting.

I told him, “You can’t borrow $150,000 to bring up the money to pay off this loan.” I told him I would have to have her to sign papers so I could get the money, but that she wasn’t going to sign papers for him. He was really hurt; he sat there, and he didn’t say anything. He just sat there.

I said, “I’ll take your papers, I’ll get your money.” He said, “You can’t take my papers. He’ll sue you for them.”

So I took them; and he waited. He was there, waiting, and when he saw the papers written and signed, he was crushed. I was angry. He said, “I don’t want your money.”

Then I said, “Okay, just make the papers, you can have the money.”

He was so mad now I felt bad about taking his papers, but I had to. I went back and got

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