I Support Kevin McCarthy’s Candidate for United States Senate

I Support Kevin McCarthy’s Candidate for United States Senate

Letters to the Editor: Kevin McCarthy is the kind of politician who lets democracy die in its tracks. I’ve never heard of such a politician, but it is a new phenomenon that is quickly spreading. This is an article that will help explain the phenomenon with a simple parable. The following is a letter to the editor written by a reader in the Seattle area.

Dear Editor,

I am writing the following to express my support for Kevin McCarthy’s candidacy for the office of United States Senate. I believe McCarthy will be the best choice for the nation to follow.

The United States Senate is comprised of many members that serve for a short time and are not the nation’s most elite legislators. During the course of his time in office, Kevin McCarthy will be held accountable by the public, both as a legislator and as a man with family and a full day-job. During that time, his decisions will be scrutinized and if he doesn’t follow through with them, he will have that burden.

Kevin McCarthy is a pro-life, pro-gun, pro-family, pro-immigration, anti-war veteran, and all-around pro-American, staunch conservative. He also believes in the military and the United States economy, but does so in a more restrained fashion than many Republicans in Washington currently do.

By the time a new senator has been elected to the United States Senate, Kevin McCarthy may already have left office. Because he has made it clear he wants to be the nation’s leader, I believe he will be around to continue to act out of his vision.

I hope you will share my opinion.

—From a reader in Seattle

Dear reader,

Kevin McCarthy deserves the opportunity to lead our nation. It is sad that you would vote for a candidate who is clearly on the wrong side of the issue at hand. He is the perfect fit for the seat of Dr. Walter B. Jones, the longest serving representative from this district.

Your opinion is more important than that of Kevin McCarthy. If you are a strong supporter of President Trump, you should be willing to stand by your president and vote for Dr. Walter B. Jones. You can vote for Kevin McCarthy

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