‘I’m the female Formula 1 drivers’, says Mexican IndyCar driver Tatiana Calderon

When Sprint IndyCar driver Tatiana Calderon entered the IndyCar Series in 2018, she knew that she wanted to show the world that there was potential for women to be ahead of the men. So she signed on with IndyCar team Schmidt Peterson Motorsports with a plan to show there was a team of women in IndyCar doing things differently. “What really motivated me was that I would like to show to an audience, to a female audience especially, that it’s possible to race in IndyCar,” she told The Times. “It’s possible for women to drive on a stick shift and be competitive.”

“I’m a champion of women,” she said of her path to IndyCar. “If I can make the sport better for women, then I think I’ve done my job.”

“I’m the female Formula 1 drivers,” Calderon said. “They have more history in Formula 1. They are racing for years on end. I’m the female IndyCar drivers. I don’t know if I can compare Formula 1 and IndyCar. I know that there’s a lot to learn, even from the guys. They are the men who have done it, who have taught me how to drive — even more than my husband did, because he gave me all these ideas.”

Prior to her IndyCar Series debut last season, Calderon was known as a native of Nicaragua who could bring amazing numbers from her automobile racing career. She had won nine races and the 2014 overall top female driver in the world championships in less than a year in England. She competed for the Formula BMW Championship and had previously driven for the Castrol GE Motorsport Formula E Team.

Check out the video above to learn more about her proud new journey to IndyCar Series’ top level.


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