Inside the all-electric #TeslaHyperloop

Elon Musk has never been a conventional CEO, but now he’s leading not just the financial giant but the ultimate shift in human transportation as part of a new shared ride service. The company, Tesla, will begin rolling out its new “whole car-sharing” app on 27 March to allow its customers to share its 7k cars. The new service would complement the cars’ on-board autonomous driving software that was released in 2017.

The app allows Tesla owners to rent the cars and, eventually, charge the ride-sharing apps for them. Musk’s vision also includes eliminating cash for selling its batteries and creating a fund that will pay any government costs for the acquisition of nearby electric cars.

The hyper-Elon continues…

Whether the new scheme can match Uber or Lyft’s carpooling system remains to be seen. The company’s rental model is novel but leaves room for many more chargers on-the-go at dozens of malls and gas stations around the world.

A person familiar with Tesla says a key issue is that there are neither ride-sharing nor a charger for every car in the country. This isn’t the end of Musk’s vision, but a major step towards it.

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