Leguizamo: The Latino community is a different place

Leguizamo: The Latino community is a different place

John Leguizamo is right about the need for Latin representation in Hollywood films.

He also makes a good point about how Latino people view and approach Hollywood.

His film is part of a series called “Puño y apero” (Knock ’em Dead). The first three films were about the Latino struggle for civil rights and freedom in the United States.

The fourth, “The Dreamers,” will be in Spanish.

A lot of his time is being focused on the Latino community, which the New York producer is involved with in a different way.

Leguizamo (who is of Puerto Rican and Cuban background) is an advisor to the California-based “Dirty Dozen Project” with the goal of raising awareness about the plight of incarcerated youths in the United States.

His work with the organization that was founded by President Obama’s former advisor is another focus.

He also was involved in a project where he and the other participants had to solve a 10,000-piece jigsaw puzzle as they explored the question of immigration.

“I thought it was cool because the idea is to expose people to a different perspective,” he said. “We were having a conversation about immigration issues, the immigrant community and the impact of immigration.”

In 2012, he was part of a project to educate teens about the issues facing Latinos, specifically the Latino youth who have “been caught in the crossfire” between U.S. and Mexico.

His film “One Day” was released in 2014.

He’s also in the process of making a documentary about the impact of poverty on the Latino community in Los Angeles, which the producer also was involved with.

Leguizamo said that his work with “Puño y apero” focuses on issues such as violence and poverty, and he believes he can help the Latino community understand the struggles involved with an immigration-reform law.

“I am trying to get people to understand that having a law that creates a pathway to citizenship does not make people less of Americans,” he said. “It doesn’t change

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