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Luis Alfaro, former artistic director of Center Theatre Group, Announces His Departure

Luis Alfaro, former artistic director of Center Theatre Group, Announces His Departure

Associate artistic director Luis Alfaro announces departure from Center Theatre Group

Luis Alfaro, artistic director and founder of Center Theatre Group has announced his departure after 16 years to pursue other interests. He has been with the group since it was founded.

Alfaro is described by members as a “force of nature” who has always “touched” the lives of the theatergoers. In his time with CTG he created and directed many innovative work, ranging from “tumor shows” to comedies.

Although he is widely respected and admired, there are those who believe that his departure is not a sudden, unexpected or difficult decision. One of these is the former CTG artistic director for over 20 years, Frank Minoino.

“I do not expect to hear from Luis (Alfaro) again, or to know whether he will leave or not,” said Minoino, who has been with CTG since its beginning. “As far as I know, Luis has not reached out to me to see if we want to restart the company.”

“We want him to stay,” said another former CTG artistic director George Fazio. “I would like to wish him the best of luck.”

Minoino believes that Alfaro’s plans to pursue an educational project in Spain are what is behind his departure. He explained that while in Spain he will create an educational theater to provide “an alternative to mainstream theatre or the commercial theatre for children in the area.”

Alfaro has no plans to pursue other theatrical activities at CTG, and will remain with the company as a consultant and board member. As well, he will continue directing.

Fazio said that while Alfaro has had a great impact on the company, “there is nothing unusual about the situation,” he said. “It’s normal for an artist to leave his company and explore other avenues, but his departure is not unusual.”

Fazio said that there are already talks between the

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