Marine Le Pen: We’re Not Just the Worked Express

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And that’s all he’s got.

The actor will be the sole candidate for the office in the legislative elections this March, after abandoning his former alliance with the pro-conservative The Republicans party. The loss to Manuel Valls in the Socialist Party primary left the centrist Emmanuel Macron’s political rise virtually unopposed and gave way to a rapidly changing political scene in France.

Polls suggest the independent Macron is leading the race for the presidency in next year’s elections. Even Francois Fillon, the man Macron defeated in the election last year, has said he will not run in the election.

Moderates in France fear that the President-elect’s victory will pave the way for a center-right leader to take power in France, while many in the left have accused President-elect Macron of undermining the social democratic values he championed in his presidential campaign.

For Marine Le Pen, the anti-European Union and anti-immigration candidate, it was the Elysee’s infamous plagiarism scandal in 1984 that paved the way for her electoral victory over right-wing President Charles de Gaulle’s “True Laureates”. But she sees the parallels between her and Macron as far greater than her win over Mr. Macron last year. The nationalist Le Pen went on to become the first far-right candidate to be elected President of France since World War II.

As The Alliance for Liberty enters French parliament for the first time since 1928, the group will be the parliamentary wing of FN. Their focus on the economy is aimed at wooing voters from both left and right.

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