Prada’s new focus on sustainability is a challenge

Prada’s new focus on sustainability is a challenge

Prada Focuses on Sustainability in ‘Disruptive’ Fine Jewelry Debuts

The brand is now “disruptive,” and plans to build a new factory in the country

LONDON – The collection of luxury handbags and accessories by Spain’s Prada is an innovation in its own right – and, as such, it offers designers and consumers a new level of flexibility. But the brand’s new, and very special, focus on sustainability can be a bit of a challenge.

Prada’s chief sustainable officer, Antonio Vigo, began his new job in October, a year after joining the company, and is responsible for the company’s environmental performance. While he’s certainly not the only member of the Prada team who’s dedicated to sustainability, he’s the only one who’s focused on it like this in a way that’ll be widely noticed.

To some, it might sound like an odd choice of focus, considering the Prada fashion house’s current collection is anything but innovative. But there’s no questioning that the collection is very “disruptive” – and the brand has recently created a fresh focus on sustainability with its new “green” line, and the “Green Label” strategy that will give it a global presence in environmental sustainability.

Prada is one of the world’s more well-known luxury brands, and is a perennial top-40 performer. With a brand value of over $300 billion, it’s one of the biggest business players in the world, and it’s been doing what it does best ever since its foundation in 1947. But the company is now turning its attention to sustainability, and in doing so, it’s looking to change the trajectory of the fashion industry.

“The challenge is not to be a fashion brand with a sustainable label, which is a very simple choice of words, but to think

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