Quentin Tarantino’s comments about Kanye West’s idea

Quentin Tarantino's comments about Kanye West's idea

Kanye West’s fallout continues, this time with Quentin Tarantino denying a claim from the rapper that he was the one who suggested the idea for The Yeezy Season. While West has tried to clarify his comments, Tarantino is not buying it.

Quentin Tarantino’s recent comments about Kanye West

The ‘Black Panther’ director has previously gone as far to say that he has no idea how West could suggest the idea of a Black Panther movie to his friend Joe Turkel, who heads up Disney’s Marvel Studios. West recently said on his Twitter feed that he had no idea who the scriptwriters for the first Black Panther movie were.

West also had a long list of suggestions for potential actors to play either T’Challa or Killmonger, the two characters who are part of the Black Panther series. There is no love lost between the two when it comes to T’Challa, an African superhero who wears a bulletproof costume and is the brother to Wakanda’s God of War.

“West is like a fan for Quentin. He is a fan of the YEEZY season. And Quentin knows how to read fan reactions…He got the info from a friend and passed it to Quentin,” the director said on ‘The Tonight Show’ and another interview from last week in which he also commented on West’s comments.

When West first started making the Kanye West Watch, which we’re guessing he was looking to have the same cool appeal as Rihanna, he wanted to use the Yeezy Season as the star’s title. Although, it took a bit of time for all of the models to get their hair done.

As for Tarantino’s comments about West’s idea, he explained that he did not see why West would make this up. “It’s not that I didn’t want to work with the guy, he has a lot of talent,” he said. He added that it’s been a tough time for West. “The Kanye West Story is just such a difficult story to write. You have one of the most exciting voices in the music world. You have a guy who’s famous and a guy who has a whole life. You have to deal with it all on camera. That means not just the creative work, but the emotional work and making sure that the script is completely truthful and doesn’t have anything in it that will cause fans to say, ‘OK, that’s going too far.’ It’s my job to know

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