Real Madrid’s Xabi Alonso speaks out about U.S. soccer

MLS and Spanish legend Xabi Alonso now is plying his trade in the United States. The Real Madrid midfielder signed with Bayern Munich in 2012, prompting him to return to his native country as a free agent a few years later.

Alonso moved to the United States with his family in the mid-1990s, when soccer was almost a non-existent sport in the United States. But the popular Alonso, who now signs his bi-weekly schedule with the blog Football Spain, knows what it takes to grow the sport in the States, so he works with MLS teams on scouting and by encouraging Spanish influence in the sport as well as acting as an ambassador to the Galaxy.

He also is adamant about the fact that U.S. soccer has picked up an impressive amount of quality soccer talent during his time.

“I have played with and against many talented players, been on the teams that have won the Best Player [awards in the Spanish] La Liga and Champions League. When you hear players like David Villa and Juan Agudelo [signed by New York Red Bulls] and Jose Torres [finally gets his opportunity] of teams like FC Dallas, Houston Dynamo, Seattle Sounders and now the Galaxy I believe there are currently some of the best players in the United States,” Alonso wrote on the blog.

The UEFA and Spanish star is also making strides in his new role as a teacher.

“When I went to the University of Saint José where I studied sociology, I had the opportunity to learn about different regions and understand a very different perspective on the world,” Alonso said. “I had the chance to study in the United States and now I see there is an obligation to bring young people from all over the world to Washington DC to study together with us. I realize that we can help them understand other perspectives and also develop their personalities in a better way.”

The chemistry on the Galaxy is better than it has been in recent years, and the 33-year-old Alonso’s comments about the level of European football has contributed to that.

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