Renters’ monies swallowed by bad behaviour from office project boss

Q Renters in Battersea rented to Paul, to provide hospitality for his new office project. They were going to source packages from European Travel Traders (ETT) but having to wait so long, the contract was terminated. When they asked for their money back it appears they were rejected. If this happened do I have any rights?

A If you had paid directly into Paul’s bank account or bank card it would have been a credit purchase rather than a loan. In these cases, if a money order was taken in lieu of a bank transfer, you would not be able to recover your money back, even though the person who you loaned it to might have overcharged you (if his account has been frozen). If Paul took the cash directly to you at your end it could be claimed. In terms of the big picture, Paul and his company were the ones that got nasty. You have done nothing wrong, you’ve probably been stung by their bad behaviour and you may have to pay interest on any outstanding repayments. After all, in his previous life as a bank, Paul wasn’t paying himself huge fees.

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