Roger Federer’s Tears and Laughs

Roger Federer’s Tears and Laughs

See Roger Federer share tears and laughter with CNN Sports and tennis players during a visit to an elementary school in Beijing.


Roger Federer in tears as he celebrates his victory over Novak Djokovic.


The emotions are bound to run high (and wide) when Roger Federer is announced the winner of the 2019 Australian Open.

The 22-time Grand Slam champion and two-time Olympic champion stood out for his stunning drop shot and serve, as well as his fearless attitude in the match against Novak Djokovic. During his post-match press conference, Federer sat with his head in his hands and made an emotional speech, where he cried and laughed with the media. After a long day in the gym and on the court for the Australian Open, Federer is in one of the most emotional phases of his career.

The tears and laughter didn’t last long.

Federer was in tears after losing to Djokovic in the final. “Very sad,” Federer said. “Very, very sad.”

Federer walked back up to his chair and sat down and then he was asked what was going on.

“I don’t wanna speak anymore,” Federer said. “I should have said thank you, I need to sleep. I want to make it better, to take the right decision, not to look back.”

No doubt Federer’s tears of joy were for the fans and the tennis fans as well.

This is the same man who has made a career out of winning. The man who has been a fan favorite since he moved to the United States to live with his mother after he lost his father at such a young age. Federer has been the biggest name in sports in the world for the past 15 years. He has won Wimbledon four more times, US Open three times and the Olympic gold medal in 2016. He hasn’t lost a set in that four-year span. The man who went undefeated at Wimbledon from 2011 until 2014, the first time he did that in his entire career.


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