Samir Khasim, 39, is living the swindler’s European life of luxury

Samir Khasim, 39, is living the swindler’s European life of luxury

L.A. COVID swindlers living European life of luxury extradited from Montenegro to the U.S.

A group of people living European lifestyles are now being extradited back to their countries of origin, after being caught up in the coronavirus shutdown.

One such swindler is the British citizen Samir Khasim, who lives in Montenegro, where the coronavirus has wreaked havoc and forced the lockdown. He was first arrested and then extradited to the U.S.

The 39-year-old was first arrested in Montenegro on March 6 following an investigation into alleged fraud and money laundering. He was then transferred to Serbia where he now lives. On April 14, he was finally extradited to the U.S.

“The people of Montenegro are paying for this criminal’s actions,” wrote Montenegrin Prime Minister Dusko Markovic on Twitter. “I hope those who brought him here will be held accountable.”

Khasim has called the arrest a “hurtful and unjust” ordeal, and says he will take all necessary measures to fight back against the U.S. and its extradition efforts.

“I am looking forward to justice for the country I love, Montenegro,” said Khasim.

According to the Daily Mail, Khasim has been living the swindler’s European life of luxury – and was extradited by the U.S. to the country in which he is wanted. He is suspected to be behind the recent swindling by a Swedish company, which promised to provide “covid-free” properties to Montenegro as part of a deal. But instead of providing these homes, the company sold the buildings for far less than their true value, leading to massive losses and losses for Montenegrin taxpayers.

“Our country is now under a severe pandemic and the coronavirus lockdown is putting an unprecedented strain on all of us,” wrote the

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