Tennis: Vaccination for meningitis is urged in letter from governing bodies

Tennis players shot down the plan earlier this year

A letter from tennis’ governing bodies to all Grand Slam players urging them to be vaccinated against meningitis has been released after the subject was raised at the French Open.

The letter continues to say that reaching older age “in this modern era” “requires close follow-up vaccination protection”.

All but five of the world’s top men’s players voted against the vaccinations at a summit in March.

But the letter says there will be an update next year after the World Anti-Doping Agency gives its approval.

It has not been confirmed when the update will be made available.

“In view of recent meningitis research, and given that several ageing players may face the likelihood of future disease, it is vital that we take every possible precaution to help keep our players safe,” the letter adds.

This week, British No 1 Johanna Konta said she would be prepared to get vaccinated despite the unanimous vote at the February meeting.

“I’m no longer sure I could be 100%,” Konta told reporters at Roland Garros.

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