The CDC recommends that children aged 11 to 17 get the MMR vaccine

The CDC recommends that children aged 11 to 17 get the MMR vaccine

FDA Authorizes Updated Covid Booster Shots For Kids 5 to 11

After decades of research and years of questions from parents and children about whether vaccines are safe and effective, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has finally given children in the age group of 5 to 11 the green light to get booster shots against the flu. In addition, a decision has been made on whether to make the previously mentioned booster shots mandatory for children aged 11 to 17.

The agency has made the decision after years of intense research, debate and hearings that have revealed significant concerns about the safety and effectiveness of the MMR vaccine, particularly with those who have an underlying illness or weakened immune system.

“Today marks a major step forward in protecting young children,” said FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn. “We are committed to working with the experts, parents, and community to ensure children’s health is protected.”

For many years, the vaccine industry and those who promoted it for their own profit and those of their friends and family have tried to convince parents that their young children shouldn’t get the shots. But with the growing number of measles cases across the world, the CDC is now recommending that measles vaccinations be given to children aged 11 to 17 who are healthy. Children who are not healthy are now being told by doctors to see a physician in the next few months to ensure they can be immunized.

When a vaccine is given for the first time in infancy, it is called the “initial dose.” This is the dose that is given as well as boosters over a number of years. When the vaccine is given to an adult, it is called the “booster.” When the “booster” in turn is given to a child, it is known as the “booster dose.”

The MMR is the primary vaccine recommended for children to be vaccinated against measles, mumps and rubella. It is given in two doses to children as young as 2 months old and again at 2 years old. The CDC also recommends a series of three doses when given to people over 65, and two doses for people over 60. At the time of this writing,

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