The Dance of the Tiger

The Dance of the Tiger

Iga Swiatek reaches first US Open final, will face fifth seed Ons Jabeur on Friday

When I started working with a number of tennis players early in my career, the first thing I noticed was that no matter how much a player practiced, there were always some things that they just did not know how to master. They just didn’t know how to do them well. My first training at the U.S. Davis Cup team was a tennis gym somewhere in Southern California. As the weeks went by, the players learned the basics, but many of them also practiced more than they should have in order to master the skills. We call this habit, practice too much, the “dance of the tiger.”

In tennis it’s possible to practice like there is no tomorrow, but it is not possible to practice like there is no today. You can train like a tiger, but if you are not a tiger, you cannot be really good. This is precisely what it is like to play as many matches as I do. I have won more singles and doubles titles than any other male tennis player in my era, but I still have many unfinished business, both in tennis and in life.

I do not know any other sport more likely to be able to practice what we do. There are other sports you can practice all you like, but not very often. In tennis your practice is like you have to be a tiger when you play tennis, but when you are not a tiger, it is very difficult to become a tiger.

The best tennis players do not only practice. They also have their best moments. They have their great moments, and they also have their bad moments. Sometimes they are very good and sometimes they are not that good. They usually have some very bad points in their games, but they also have some great points and very good moments. Every single match is good and bad at the same time.

Just like that, I have reached my

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