The first National Scenic Area on the West Coast

The first National Scenic Area on the West Coast

Coveted oceanfront land in Ventura County will become a nature preserve

A developer has purchased a tract of land that will become the new home of a nature preserve that aims to protect the unique ecosystems of Lake Los Cerros, a popular attraction in Ventura County.

The 1,500-acre site in Lake Los Cerros and the surrounding area has been designated the first National Scenic Area on the West Coast.

“There are no national parks in the United States that are this pristine, which is something you rarely see,” said Bob Klinker, chief of staff for the California Coastal Commission. “It’s a good place for a nature preserve.”

The 1,500-acre tract near Lake Los Cerros was purchased by the developer for $1.5 million and will be developed as the world’s largest nature preserve.

The National Scenic Area designation will be the first of its kind for Ventura County. The designation was adopted by California voters at the November ballot.

It will mean that the land will be preserved as an area without a single building and with no road access throughout a large portion of the preserve.

The lake in the vicinity of the land is known for its blue herons, wild coyotes, pelicans, eagles, and bald eagles.

The preserve will have a large wildlife area, a small lake, a hiking and biking trail, a camp site, a picnic area and a small building with a campfire ring at the center of the preserve.

“It’s an unusual type of preserve,” said Klinker, who is also chief of staff for the Ventura County Regional Parks Foundation. “It will preserve the unique ecosystem of Lake Los Cerros.

Los Cerros is the only lake in the area with a beach on one side, the interior of the lake on the other side.

The preserve also will be an important habitat for plants and animals.

“It’s a special place,” Klinker said. “The whole thing is special.”

Officials at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service were also pleased.

“This is a very unique wildlife site,” said Julie Robinson, wildlife biologist for the agency.

Ventura County has the most preserves, Klinker said.

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