The Game Awards are making a TV comeback this year

The creators of the Game Awards want it on your TV. Television will be at the core of an awards show for video games, set to premiere on December 6.

After a four-year break, the expo is returning, with familiar veterans Treyarch and Epic Games returning as the event’s host and producer, respectively. Industry and creative titans will make appearances, and we’ll be hanging out on stage with our favourites behind the scenes. The new show boasts all of the things we love: a huge lineup of awards, more freeform than usual, and a new set and vibe.

Beyond the one-day awards show, the Game Awards is also happening at the end of December for an industry conference called Rezzed, with a focus on indie games. Here’s a video introducing the Game Awards, which will be very different from the eSports ceremonies we know:

What has always impressed us about the Game Awards is the audience it reaches: 100,000 attendees during last year’s show. The industry has already put a special emphasis on the awards show and grown the business, with game companies spending marketing money on publicity, not just the latest sales figures. Gaming video companies like Riot Games and Playground Games are scaling up, and the audience is coming in droves. It’s a broadcast on broadcast television, for god’s sake!

The Game Awards returns to December 6, 2018, at the PlayStation Theatre in Los Angeles. Last year’s show ranked second in YouTube views for a game premiere event. We’ll get our first chance to check it out in December.

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