The Movie Theater Never Tells You Who’s Playing the Show

The Movie Theater Never Tells You Who’s Playing the Show

Taylor Swift Fans on the Heartbreak and Snafus to Secure Tickets

Hollywood may be a big place, but there are no shortage of music-loving fans who go to the movies to be a part of the show by purchasing and attending concerts or theater tickets.

But then when the cast arrives, they are faced with the same problem all the other customers and fans have confronted:

Losing out on tickets.

It seems like there is nothing one fan can do to avoid being disappointed by the first movie theater opening that has an empty seat to their name on the red velvet couch at their favorite show.

This has been the case for me and the thousands of others who have been crushed by not securing the seats at my first three movie theatres.

At Cinema Paradiso in Dallas, Texas, I had no idea who was playing the show or what the theater was like. That’s because they never tell you.

With the help of Facebook, we found out the movie theater was a new art-house cinema, that was going to celebrate a new and daring move in cinema with the installation of screens, designed to mimic an actual film.

As we waited for the show to begin, the staff in the front of the theater was very friendly and welcoming, ready to make our night in the theater that much better. But then, a few minutes later, the theatre had no seats for us.

We tried to stay calm and not let the loss of time affect our excitement and excitement, while the staff continued to work around us to make sure all the movie goers were seated.

But after awhile, things began to sink in and the manager came to our rescue. Apparently, our ticket didn’t arrive with the rest of the tickets that are to be distributed throughout the theater.

The staff then went to the box office to get us tickets, but unfortunately they were nowhere to be found.

We then started to search the Internet for places to sit and find a new place to watch our movies, and we

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