The N.F.L. is in the hands of the owners

The N.F.L. is in the hands of the owners

Dan Snyder ‘Needs to Be Removed,’ Says One N.F.L. Owner. Is This Why More Teams Are Considering Putting Him Out of Their Minds?

It’s just one week from the start of training camp, a week that will be dominated by the battle for the starting quarterback job that the N.F.L. owners and coaches will be vying to see who is the best in their respective positions.

All of that is in the past, though — at least, for now. The N.F.L. is now in the hands of the owners and coaching staff. It is time for the owners who make the decisions to actually make the decisions, regardless of any opinions from those who are not actually owners.

These are not a bunch of random people we’re talking about, however. Owner Dan Snyder, one of the co-founders of the N.F.L. in 1946, is a former executive with the team.

That is, until now. In an article that ran on the N.F.L. website, Snyder — now in his 70s — made it clear that he’s on the side of those who think Colin Kaepernick should be the quarterback.

“We’ve made a decision to not play Colin Kaepernick this season,” Snyder wrote Monday. “While the 49ers have had two of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady, Colin Kaepernick played an entire season and never won a Super Bowl. If Colin Kaepernick were to play 15 weeks this season and win the Super Bowl, he would be our fourth player to win a Super Bowl and would be the most prolific player to ever play the position.

“However, our priority right now is to get Eli Manning back as soon as possible.”

This is a pretty harsh stance, if Snyder means what he says. Kaepernick would be the fifth quarterback to win a Super Bowl, only second to Brett Favre, whose record is seven Super Bowl victories. Kaepernick, who started a Super Bowl

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