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The New World of Voters

The New World of Voters

Analysis: A non-American’s guide to the 2022 US midterms

We live in a strange world in America. On one hand, we have a president, Donald J. Trump, who is actively dividing our country by race, religion, and gender. On the other hand, a growing number of young, first-time voters tell pollsters they’re concerned that they’re not going to be represented in Congress or the state legislatures.

To be clear: I don’t think this is a new phenomenon. I just don’t know which of these problems is more serious, or, perhaps, more widespread. But while there’s a lot of noise, very little is happening.

Here’s a list of what is happening:


In Wisconsin, a Republican-led state, two Republicans are vying to replace newly elected Democratic Sen. Tammy Baldwin, who is retiring. One is state Rep. LaTonya Johnson, who served for four years in the House before deciding to run for Baldwin’s seat. The other is Doug La hay, the state’s GOP party chair and former mayor of Milwaukee. The winner of the July 12 primary will advance to the November ballot.

In Oklahoma, state Rep. Jodie Turner-McDaniel, a Democrat, is running for a seat vacated by Rep. Mike Johnson, who left the House last month to take a place on the Supreme Court.

In a contest in Colorado, state Rep. Joe Salazar, a Democrat, is running for a seat vacated by Rep. Diana DeGette, who resigned following the revelation of an affair.

In Connecticut’s 4th District, former state Rep. Kerry Tump is running against state Rep. Joseph M. Cutrufo, a Republican, in the party’s primary for the seat once held by Rep. Chris Murphy. Tump will then face off with Cutrufo in the November general election.

In Florida’s 15th District, former state Rep. Patrick Murphy, a Republican, is running

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