The Story of the First Female Fighter Pilot in the Indian Navy

The Story of the First Female Fighter Pilot in the Indian Navy

An action spectacle built around true story of female warriors


The film tells the story how one woman warrior – who also happens to be India’s first female fighter pilot – overcame all odds to create a new career as a fighter pilot, flying missions behind enemy lines during WWII in the Battle of Burma and then becoming an ace of sorts in the Korean War before retiring from the conflict as a fighter pilot and establishing herself as a businesswoman.


The film follows the story of the first female fighter pilot in the Indian Navy, an Indian Air Force pilot named Anupam Kher.

An Army helicopter carrying senior Army General Dhanabhai Chaudhari and his wife Joginderji, is in deep trouble in the middle of the night. The enemy forces, however, have moved in, and the helicopter is caught in a deadly crossfire that has killed its crew and passengers. The two escape the enemy by taking the helicopter on a run down the edge of the jungle. Eventually, along with the wounded man, they are picked up by the Air Force chopper that has been following them.

The Indian Army and the Air Force, in the meantime, are working over the situation, bringing in additional support in the form of tanks and other weapons and amassing troops in position to take on the enemy. After a particularly tough day of fighting, the Army Commander, who is the Colonel of the Army Air force, informs General Chaudhari that the Army is going to launch an attack on the enemy.

The Army Commander explains that the helicopters he has deployed have been shot down by enemy fire. They have to make a run for it, and they have no choice but to find cover. The Colonel tells General Chaudhari that they will take the Air Force choppers from the front lines, and fly them to safety. General Chaudhari then asks why the Army is taking the Air Force choppers from the front lines. The Colonel responds, “I want you and your Army to take the choppers, and fly them to safety.” Chaudhari says that the choppers have a lot of passengers on board, and the Army is not going to stand a chance with its wounded and passengers in the choppers

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