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The Young People Who Suffer from the Clean Water Act

The Young People Who Suffer from the Clean Water Act

Editorial: 50 years later, the Clean Water Act is under assault

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TUCKER CARLSON, HOST: Tonight, a powerful case brought by a group of young people who are suing the Trump administration and its agencies over the Clean Water Act.

This young army of environmental activists, the plaintiffs in this lawsuit, want you to know what’s under assault today. They want the federal government to enforce the law, and they want the Trump administration to keep its promise to fix its broken Clean Water Act program.

We know they want to restore the Clean Water Act. They’re not asking for the perfect system. They’re not asking for the best law. They want a better law. And they’re asking, “When can the government actually enforce the act?”

They’re asking for a process that allows them to challenge the Trump administration’s actions, not just against the law, but against its own promises, against its own claims about who would be hurt by action and inaction of the government.

Today, a federal judge will hold a hearing to decide whether the Trump administration and the EPA can proceed with the lawsuit.

And remember, this is a lawsuit brought by the young people to keep their future free from the destruction of the Clean Water Act.

It’s also brought by a group of older people who’ve spent their lives fighting for cleaner drinking water and cleaner air and better farms and better forests and better wildlife and better waterways.

This meeting, I want to urge you to donate, if you haven’t already, to an organization that’s suing to undo the Trump administration’s rollback of the Clean Water Act. It’s called Alliance for the Protection of Affordable Clean Waters.

DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: I mean, we’ll have to see what the end game is, but we’ll certainly be working to have clean water.

CARLSON: Why sue the Trump administration over the Clean Water Act?

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