This Bob Iger Highlight Reel Is All You Need to Know About Local TV Weather During the Broadcast

The sun is just waking up, and the forecast is sunny, sunny, sunny! That’s the typical weather words heard on the television screen at 11:30 a.m. When Disney CEO Bob Iger walks into your office or on to your breakfast table (grin and bear it), you might be hungry, but you would not wish for a cloudy forecast — no, we’re all thinking “Bob, what’s for lunch?”

Get ready to hear some of those things you probably have missed from a TV Weatherman since you left the news business a decade ago. That’s because Iger returned this week to his roots as a weatherman on ABC, hosting “Good Morning America” in Studio 7ABC for a full day on Thursday. And after doing “Good Morning America” for six years, Iger said he missed the weather, prompting him to take a new job hosting the local version of the morning show.

In a full-on welcoming style, Iger told the audience that the national ABC show would extend its time with viewers even longer — the weatherman will serve as an anchor covering more events around New York, one of the network’s biggest markets. (Then a back-to-back interview with actor Jodie Foster and comedian Kevin Hart on “Good Morning America” went on.

We may have had to wait a while to hear the name-drops on Thursday. Iger, who was wearing a blue striped shirt, a gray cardigan with a gray pair of trousers, and black sweater vest, made his way from live reports, to sit-down interviews, to then from live reports with upcoming shows. The beginning of the TV Season was announced and relocated to Studio 7ABC. The weather played a prominent role throughout the morning, as well as the change of anchors.

See some of Iger’s greatest hits below.

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