‘Tour of Brazil’ blazer divides Brazil

Written by By Stephen Sendell, CNN

A yellow jersey, normally a symbol of success and victory, seems to be dividing Brazil in recent years. That’s what some Brazilians think after a blazer worn by Tour de France winner Chris Froome became a hallmark of the recent Tour of Brazil.

Last year, three-time Tour de France winner Froome wore a yellow jersey while cycling around Rio de Janeiro for the first stage of the Tour of Brazil, which was held from 1-4 October.

Here, Brazilian cyclist Eduardo de Casagrande discusses the event and Rio de Janeiro’s ongoing relationship with cycling.

Froome is a hero in Brazil for his performances on the Tour de France stage in Rio de Janeiro in 2016.

El Ángel de Queiroz

The man behind the Tour of Brazil idea.


An architect and business-owner

Eduardo de Casagrande

A volunteer on the initial planning committee


The “cycle-spirit” is true in Rio


Added bicycle infrastructure development

Antonio Doucet

Member of the city’s cycling projects management office

Antonio Doucet

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