Travis Scott says he was not at the accident where two women were hurt, has ‘always been there for his mother’

The rapper Travis Scott appeared on The Breakfast Club this week, much to the surprise of his own mother and fans. The hip-hop artist has been at the center of controversy ever since two women were seriously injured while performing a video set for the rapper. According to two videos of the incident, the woman, who was dressed in flesh-colored bodysuits and leotards, fell off of a gate and hit her head and neck several times. “I was in the studio and I heard a commotion, and I saw the news flash,” Scott said in an interview with Charlamagne tha God. “I was like ‘oh. …’ I don’t think it would have been an issue. I don’t know the circumstances, but I wouldn’t have been there. If I was there, I would have been like, ‘hey guys, let me get ya’ll up here and I’ll get ya’ll up here.’ But I ain’t there.”

An unidentified source from Scott’s camp has already denied reports that the rapper was at the hospital that day and that Scott in fact made no comment about the alleged incidents on social media. “Rumors that Travis Scott is treating his mother’s injuries from the accident that he was supposed to take her to the hospital on November 18 are not true,” the source told Hollywood Life. “Travis has always been there for his mother and always will be. While she is in pain and in no shape to be transported by ambulance, he cares deeply about her condition and will never let her go alone. That’s his priority.”

Scott also turned to social media to clear up misconceptions about the fall. The rapper, who has reportedly been dating Kylie Jenner since early last year, explained that he was not one of the attendees at the photo shoot that took place that day and that he was not one of the people who was standing in for the rapper who was supposed to take the pictures. “I never was at the photo shoot,” he wrote on Instagram. “Why the hell are y’all mentioning me at a moment like this when I don’t even know the specifics? This ain’t like a concert… I might just need my glasses if this niggas just leave my story alone, nah?”

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