Trump is becoming less and less appealing. That’s a bad thing | Richard Wolffe

As the midterms loom larger and the possibility of impeachment approaches, I sense Americans shifting slightly in their support for Donald Trump – though even that looks like a bit of a softening of the terms.

The irony is this: Trump is becoming, by any measure, less appealing every single day. If he were, say, the Archbishop of Canterbury he would be saying good riddance to the Fox News crowd, i.e. the grassroots people who compose the base of his support.

Trump voters are important to him, but they’re not the majority. If they should start to think he isn’t working for them, his remaining supporters will quickly start to wilt.

About 65% of Republicans in 2016 said they voted for Trump because they trusted him. In less than two years they may have lost that trust.

As things stand, Trump’s approval rating among Republican voters is 80%. A recent CBS News poll found that that number is sinking like a stone, and has fallen eight points from a year ago.

A similar CBS poll in February showed 72% of Republican voters supported him, but that figure has now fallen to 54%.

I also found out that some Trump voters are almost old enough to have voted for Barack Obama. And I thought to myself: who is going to carry on that torch in the future? There’s nothing stopping a third party being formed from the Democrats or the GOP that would at least include young, fresh faces and reposition their political brand against Trump’s demagoguery.

But the situation is bleak. One Democrat who is now allowed to express some level of embarrassment at having voted for Trump is Hillary Clinton. She blamed her defeat on Bernie Sanders’s campaign. That campaign was smarter and more charismatic than Trump’s, but it lacked the machine behind it, whether it’s corporations or among individuals.

But if the progressive wing of the Democrats dies because they can’t pull together, an opening will be opened for a third party which will either leave Hillary Clinton that much poorer or even become a symbol for the demagogic dead weight around the neck of Democratic politics that she represents.

And you know what? We are going to have to pass out more beanbags. It’s time again to get your booster shot. You may not need it now, but the times they are a changing, and so too are the ways the country is run.

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