U.K. man killed, police injured in rare incident at Windsor Castle

LONDON — A man was killed and a second man was seriously injured in a shooting near the gates of Windsor Castle early Sunday, officials in the United Kingdom’s royal borough said.

The Serious Incident Team was called to the incident after police responded to reports of gunshots at a residential address in the area, the City of Windsor Council said in a statement.

Officers found a man dead at the scene from gunshot wounds and another man in serious condition, the council said. A police spokesman said later that one officer was also seriously injured.

Neighbors said officers entered the house with guns drawn, and helicopters hovered overhead.

“We saw the police and they were firing their guns. … I was worried for my wife and my son. It was scary,” said Ronnie Szydulski, a resident who lives across the street from the scene.

Visitors to Windsor Castle were asked to seek alternative parking as police investigated. The castle is a tourist attraction in the western part of the county, in between the counties of Berkshire and Surrey.

Some castle workers said they were told to stay inside.

“We were just told that we couldn’t go outside,” said a staff member who declined to give her name.

Police did not say whether they believed there was any link to the popular family Christmas weekend.

Much of the county was crowded with tourists and tourists-attached residents.

Police taped off the street near the house and closed a road that leads to Windsor Castle. They also closed and later reopened a stretch of the main roadway that leads to the castle.

Neighbors said the neighborhood house has two separate entrances, and they had not heard any gunshots in recent months.

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