US fishing company terminates its fishing license in Mexico

US fishing company terminates its fishing license in Mexico

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The government of Mexico and the US have agreed to the termination of the US firm’s fishing rights on the Mexican territory, in which it had operated illegally since 2008,

Photo: AFP

On January 26, the Mexican government sent a team to the US to sign the termination of the US fishing company’s license on the state of Chihuahua, which is located in northern Mexico.

The fishing company was named after its president, Kevin Gorman, who also heads the US-based Pacific Commercial Fisheries Association (PCFA), an international alliance of companies that promote fishing.

The US company said they have been negotiating a long-term deal with the Mexican government for ten years, but that negotiations have reached a dead end.

According to PCFA, under Mexican law, the government must agree to take all measures within three months to terminate the license, which would allow the company to leave the country.

The Mexican team left for the US to sign the termination on January 26. The deal must be agreed on in Mexico by February 12.

The Mexican government announced last week that it would not sign the agreement with Gorman’s company, which has been operating in Mexico illegally since 2008.

The US embassy in Mexico issued a statement saying: “In the absence of a resolution to the matter that satisfies the Mexican government, we will not sign any agreements with companies that have done business illegally in Mexico.

“We will continue to support efforts by our Mexican counterparts to remedy the matter.”

The company’s president said he received a message from the Mexican government asking for more information, so it is difficult to determine what the source of the problem is.

“I don’t know, it could be the Mexican government doesn’t agree with something they just signed,” Gorman said.

He is hopeful that the negotiations will be resolved and he will be able to return to business, but he warns that things will not be smooth.

“If this were to go well, I’d be back in business in no time,” he said, adding that he doesn’t know what the problem is. “It’s very tough right now.”

On February 6, the PCFA wrote a letter of protest to the US ambassador in Mexico demanding termination of “illegal” fishing by Gorman’s company. The PCFA said the Mexican government must explain the matter in detail, and that the company will not

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