Wendy Williams is a real woman, and she doesn’t have a problem.

Wendy Williams is a real woman, and she doesn't have a problem.

How’s Wendy Williams doin’? She says she’s booked, busy and a soon-to-be doctor of the year, but her fans have a message. Are you thinking about buying a ticket to see Wendy Williams?

Wendy Williams says she’s a busy person and a soon-to-be doctor of the year. But for her, a new album isn’t about being busy. It’s about being with the people who support her. She was at a party last week in New York’s East Village where the talk was so loud someone had to step over the bongs. They were all on the same level.

Wendy is standing up for what she calls “being a real woman.” She says she’s one of “the first females who has an eating disorder.” She says you shouldn’t judge her. “They say, ‘Oh, you have a problem with food and exercise. You are so boring,’ and I’m like, ‘Get your head out of your ass.’ ” And if she ever had something to say, it’s this: “I am a real woman, and I don’t have a problem.”

On the one hand, I have to say, Wendy Williams is a real woman. She’s been a great role model for women, a great spokesperson for women. And on the other hand, I think that she may be a real problem — I don’t know.

She’s a real problem if she can’t pull it together to talk about her feelings and her problems with a therapist, which she’s not going to be able to afford — the costs are outrageous. And she’s not going to be able to go public with her emotions and her problems.

But I’ll tell you one thing: She has a problem if she’s talking about her problem with eating, weight and exercise with anyone other than her friends.

But maybe the problem is that her problem with weight is a lifestyle issue. We have a culture that’s focused on how thin you are and how much you eat. And that’s fine and good. But in terms of how you actually feel, it’s probably not a lifestyle issue. But Wendy Williams can’t talk about it.

That’s a real problem for a real woman.

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