William D. Cohan: A Guide to Start-Up House Parties

(Originally appeared on First Things With George Granton)

Whenever you throw a party, chances are your first task after being done-up is to lay out the tables and set up the chairs. In this week’s First Things podcast, Kate Harding explains some new ways to host: Explore new styles of serving and clean up, and think about sharing your glassware among your guests.

These tips are key to an enjoyable experience and to real growth. Host a small party: Enjoy drinks and light fare. Turn guests loose with the guests most helpful at sharing things with each other. You’ll have a festive mood without a predictable and uneven table layout.

Listen to the episode above or download it here. Next week: How to run the party you have planned.

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A note on our “ladies of the podcast”: Kate Harding is one of the stars of First Things; Sue Quinn—the managing editor—also is a star of this podcast.

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