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YouTube Channel Is a Prayer Channel

YouTube Channel Is a Prayer Channel

The YouTube prayer channel started during Covid that’s causing a stir, with a number of Muslim men in quarantine and self-quarantine in New York and other cities who are asking the tech giants if they will give them access to the largest streaming service on the planet.

The channel, called ‘You are watching this prayer’ has reached 50,000 subscribers in just six days, prompting some to wonder if it is a marketing ploy to get viewers in a virtual bubble after a person or group of people asks a question.

We were told by a YouTube representative that it is indeed a prayer channel with no ulterior motives. “That’s their belief, that by asking questions or asking for help, that’s their way of expressing solidarity, their way of showing their love”, the rep said.

“You know, people think what we’re doing is just for the clicks, to get our views. I don’t think so. I have an obligation to make sure that this channel is authentic, which is why I believe it is what it is”.

However, the question has angered many and prompted a number of people to take to social media to air their views on the matter as it continues to be debated.

“We must all practice social distancing when we are in public spaces and we must learn to live the #QuarantineTogether journey that has been so thoroughly tested and that we must all stick together whether it be in our homes or in our cities”.

The channel, which has more than 50,000 subscribers in just three days and has nearly 40,000 subscribers in just one day, is now asking for the tech giants to offer them an audience. The channel has now gone viral, with users praising Allah for their bravery in the face of this pandemic.

This morning, the channel uploaded an ad to the YouTube video-sharing platform with the message: “Please, God, make this channel a success”.

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